It’s possible that you like a certain product, but prefer certain adjustments or customization. We are happy to help out. Most of the time, the digital adjustments are done for free.

Customization requests can occur in two possible options:

1. Digital editing

2. Physical editing.

1. Digital editing.

If you would like to receive your product in another way than mentioned at the product page, for example: sepia, lighter, darker, add logo’s, etc etc. We are happy to help out. You can submit your request through the contact page. Please describe your wishes as precise as possibly. We will try to get in touch with you within 12 hours.

2. Physical editing.

If you are looking for other sizes than mentioned, we are here to help out. Most sizes are possible, although we are limited by the shipper’s policies of maximum sizing. You can also adjust the number of panels. Basically, there are no limitations, as long our shipping company approves the size. For a quote or question, feel free to reach out. We try to respond within 12 hours.

If any other questions or requests may occur, don't hesitate to contact us.