5 piece canvas art.

5 Piece Canvas Art & Canvas Print Sets

Breathtaking transformation.

Our massive collection of 5 piece canvas art promises an impressive improvement for each living room.

CanvasConquest offers exactly what you are looking for. Explore our galleries and discover our inspiring products at an affordable price.  

Our 5 Piece panel art is stunning, vibrant and color-explosive. 

Products are available in 1 piece canvas and 3 piece wall art as well. Some even go up to 6 pieces.

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About the product.

Considering a 5 piece canvas art? Excellent option!

This product is designed to grab attention in each living room. This type of canvas print comes in various sizes. Due it's design, we are able to produce it up to (w*h)118"x62", which is massive! This makes it an excellent choice for larger areas, restaurants and offices as well. Of course, it's also available in smaller sizes.

If you are looking for a prominent, breathtaking piece of art, we highly recommend our 5 piece canvas art!


Concerned about blurry images, flabby canvas and/or warped frames? Stop worrying. 

We deliver excellent 5 piece canvas art. Heavy duty stretcherbars, both vingerjointed and laminated. Ultimate protection against warping. Carefully selected photos with resolutions over 10.000px. All this with a perfect satin finish.

CanvasConquest. Top notch 5 piece canvas art.

Color / Grayscale

What’s the difference? And, is grayscale it the same as black/white?

The answer is simple: the difference is that our color option is a reproduction in, of course, color. The grayscale is produced in a domain of grey shades ranging between white and black.

The difference between black and white and grayscale is that black and white only uses black and white. There is nothing in between. Grayscale uses all the shades that are between black and white, for example gray (a mix of black and white). 

All of our 5 piece canvas art come in both options.


Our 5 panel canvas art comes in 4 sizes. From medium size to extra-large!  If you have a specific wall to fill, we are always able to customize sizes to be sure you will have a perfect fit. For custom 5 piece canvas art sizes, please contact us.


The best way to hang your 5 piece canvas wall art? Is this is product ready to hang? The answers are simple. You will receive a finished, ready to hang canvas wall art product. For more information about how to hang your wall art, we recommend reading our blog.


For all of our 5 piece canvas art, we recommend 1" of space between each panel.