3 piece wall art.

3 Piece Wall Art & Canvas Art Sets

Supercharge your living room.

Explore our impressive collection of 3 piece wall art. Decoration for each room.  We guarantee you will find something you’ll love at an affordable price.

All our canvas prints are made with care, craftmanship and passion. This results in color-explosive, vibrant and jaw-dropping products.

Our canvas wall art comes in 1 piece canvas and 5 piece canvas art as well. For some products, we even go up to 6 panels.

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About the product.

Exploring the 3 piece wall art option? Superb idea!
3 piece wall art is an excellent option for anyone that that is looking to supercharge their living room. Due to it's 3 panels, it's an ultimate eyecatcher that grabs anyone's attention.

We deliver this product from small to large. Therefore, this is the ideal product to fill all sorts of walls. Either a large blank wall, or that small empty space down the hallway. This product enhances all!

Want to spice up your living room? We higly recommend our 3 piece wall art!


Worried about flabby canvas, blurry images and/or warped canvas Frames? No need.

Through the years, we’ve developed our 3 piece wall art into an outstanding product.

The stretcher bars used are made of heavy duty, finger jointed and laminated wood. It has outstanding characteristics against warping. Our photos, which are selected carefully, have resolutions over 10.000px. This promises crisp prints.

Our inks are pigmented, this means they stay vibrant for over 100 years. And last, a beautiful satin finish to give the 3 piece wall art it’s final enchantment.

CanvasConquest. Outstanding quality.

Color / Grayscale.

Is there a difference? Yes!

More straightforward, if you order your 3 piece wall art in color, you will receive your product in color.

But, what is grayscale? And, is it the same as black/white? Let's dive right in. First we will explain exactly what grayscale is. It’s simple, Grayscale uses all the shades that are between black and white. It goes from black all the way to white, with everything that is in between.

This basically answers the question: “is grayscale the same as black and white?” The answer is no. Grayscale contains black, white and all the grays in between as well.

Ordering a three piece wall art In grayscale means you will receive it in the here condition explained .


Our 3 piece wall art comes in 5 different sizes. From small to large. Need an exact size to fill a specific wall? Don't worry. We are able to produce your ideal product in your ideal size. Reach out to us, we are always happy to assist.


How to hang your 3 piece wall art? Hang it with ease, following our blog. 


For all 3 piece wall art, we recommend 1" of space between each panel.