Lake wall art

Lake Wall art.

Once, an unknown author said:” Time wasted at the lake is time well spent.” The idyllic and serene scenes combined with crystal clear depths, sometimes surrounded by pine trees that cause a whiff of mint. The unmistakable breeze that causes an endless supply of ripples on the surface of the water. Envision that you can bring this scenery right into your living room, creating the ultimate ambiance that you could best describe as peaceful and still. With our lake wall art, you can.

Our customers are often interested in Lake Tahoe wall art, but more unknown lakes could be found in our collection as well. All lake wall art is produced in house, meeting the highest quality standards. Vibrant, vivid and color and accurate canvas prints. Available in a variety of sizes, either in color or grayscale. We offer different panel options as well. Either one, three or five panels.


Lake Wall Art

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Custom sizes.

Need a wall filled with responsive decoration? Either for your store, or another area? Or maybe even your living room? We are experts at customization. If you need specific sizing, we are more than happy to help. Since all of our lake wall art is produced in-house, we can adjust sizes with ease.

The number of panels can be adjusted as well. For example, you want a lake wall art product in four panels instead of three. Contact us with your ideas, and our team is ready to think along and help out.

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CanvasConquest aims for perfection. All of our lake wall art is produced with care and craftmanship. We use printers specially designed for fine art. This means accurate color representation. Our pigmented inks guarantee Vivid and vibrant colors. The inks combined with our nice textured canvas produce excellent results. The canvas is wrapped and stretched on a pine wooden frame, also know as gallery wrap. Frames are made of finger-jointed and laminated pine wood. This results in the perfect anti-warping formula. We finish the lake wall art with a satin coating. This coating protects the canvas print and makes it fade resistant. Our lake wall art is fade resistant for 100 years.


We ship fast and painless. We provide tracking with your lake wall art. You will receive tracking updates as well. This means you will be notified when the package gets near you, and when they will deliver it. All packages have insurance as well. Packages remain our responsibility until they are delivered. In the rare event that a package gets damaged, we've got you covered. For more information about shipping, check out the shipping page.

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