What size should I choose for my canvas wall art?


When it comes to wall art, size definitely matters! The right proportions can make or break a room, so it's important to choose pieces that are the right size for the space. Read this blog, and you will select the right size with ease. 

Why is the size of a canvas print important?

The size of a canvas print is important because it determines how much of the image can be printed and how much detail can be captured. A larger canvas print can capture more detail and allow for a more detailed image, while a smaller canvas print may not be able to capture as much detail.

Why should I measure patient and accurate?

Correct measurements for wall art are important because it ensure that the piece will fit in the intended space and look proportionate to the rest of the room.

What size should I choose for my canvas wall art?

This depends entirely on your personal preference and the look you are going for in your home. There are no set rules when it comes to choosing the size of your canvas wall art. However, we recommend considering the following factors:

-The size of your wall space: You will want to make sure that your canvas wall art is not too big or too small for the wall space you have available.

-The overall look of your room: You will want to choose a size that complements the overall look and feel of your room.

-Your budget: Larger canvas wall art can be more expensive, so you will want to factor this into your decision.

What's the best way of measuring?

The best way to measure, and make sure the canvas wall art will fit as intended, is using measuring tape combined with mask tape.

First step.

Decide in which room you want to hang your canvas print. After you have made this decision, choose the wall you think looks nicest for a print.

If you are planning to hang a canvas above an object, could be a bed or closet, it’s wise to keep this rule in mind, it looks nicest if a canvas fills about 2/3 of the object. So if the object is 3 feet, the canvas should be 2 feet.

Second step.

First, get your mask tape. We need it now. Try to visualize what size of canvas would look best. Once you made up your mind, we are going to mark the area you had in mind. Start at the bottom left, and start taping to the bottom right. Make sure the tape is tight and there are no wrinkles. Now start taping from the bottom right to top right. It starts to get shape now. To finish it, tape from top right to top left, to bottom left.

If you are taping a 3 panel, it would look something like this.

Third step.

Now that we have shape, take a few steps back. How does it look? Does it feel comfortable? The mask tape gives an impression how the size of the canvas will turn out.

If it doesn’t look good, adjust the tape a bit, try to get a size that works for you, and the room. If it does look good, move to the fourth step.

Fourth (final) step.

Get out your measuring tape. We need to measure the mask tape on the wall. Measure the width and the height. It’s highly recommended to write down the sizes. Now you have sizes that work for you. If you are shopping at Canvas Conquest, you can compare your sizes with the offered sizes. No close match? Don’t worry, we can produce custom sizes with ease. Best is to contact us and we are happy to help.