How to Hang Multi Panel Canvas Art

How to hang multi panel canvas art

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Canvas prints are a popular way to display photos and artwork in homes and offices. They are often hung on walls, but can also be placed on shelves or in other places where they can be viewed. When hanging multiple panels, you want to make sure that the panels are evenly spaced and that the overall look is balanced. An uneven result is not satisfactory, which is why we will guide you through the progress of getting an even and balanced result and we will answer the question: "how to hang a canvas painting".

Good to know before getting started.

When hanging multiple panels, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is the weight of the panels. Make sure that the wall can support the weight of the panels. Also, you can choose to use hanging hardware. It’s optimal, you can also hang the canvas on its wooden frame. Which makes it easier to level as well.

How to hang multi panel canvas art

To hang a canvas painting, you will need:
- Spirit level ruler
- A tape measure
- A hammer/screw driver
- Nails/screws
- Pencil
- An extra hand
spirit level tool

1. First, measure the width of each panel. If all panels have the same width, multiply the width by the number of panels you have. Once done, you have size of all panels combined.

Now decide how much spacing you want between each panel, we recommend 0.5” but it’s up to you. Keep in mind, for each spacing we need to add an extra 0.5”. Example: if we have three panels, we have two spacings between the panels. If we would have 5 panels, we have 4 spacings between the panels.

2. Next, now that we have the total width (panel size + spacings) it’s time to start measuring on the wall. Use the tape measure to find the center of the wall where you will be hanging the panels, assuming you want to hang the canvas at the center of the wall. If not, determine where you want the center of the canvas to be. Mark this point with a pencil, this is where the screw for the center panel will come so make sure the height is ok.  

3. Now we need to do some calculations, take a deep breath, you can do this. Get yourself a piece of paper and write it down and take your time.

Add together the widths of all the panels and add the spacing. Divide this number by two. The outcome is the distance from the center mark to the far left, and the distance from the center mark to the far right. Let’s call the outcome result1. To make it clearer, check below image.

Now, we want our screw to be at the center of each panel. The calculation result1 brought us all the way to the edge of the left panel. As you can see in the next image. We want to get to the center of the left panel.

To achieve this we need to do one more calculation, we got our previous number, which we called result1. Measure the width of an individual panel once more, divide it by 2 and subtract it from result1, the outcome, let’s call it result2, is where your screw for the first and third panel should be.

Example: if your panels are each 24 inches wide, and you have three panels, the total width would be 72 inches. Add the spacing, 2x0.5” = 1” +72” =73”. Divide by 2 equals 36.5”, this is result1. The width of a panel is 24”, we divide it by 2, makes 12”, deduct it from 36.5” = 24.5"(result2)

The screw for the first and third panel should be placed 24.5" horizontal from the center to both left and right.

Pad yourself on the back, the calculations are done. Let’s move to the next step.

Get your measure tape and measure the outcome of previous calculation, result2 from your centered marked dot horizontal to the right. Now mark this point with your pencil while using a Spirit level ruler. Move back to your center dot, and do the same for the left side. Now we have marks on the wall that show us where to screw the screws.

5. Visualize if you are happy with the result. Does the height look ok? If not, you can choose to re-do the steps. If you think the canvas will hang nice like this, move on to the next step.

6. For the next step, make sure there is no electric wire and or water pipes behind you wall. Now screw / hammer your nails / screws on the marked spots. Keep in mind, some wall types require plugs like drywalls.

7. To hang the panels, start with the center panel. Place the center of the panel at the center mark on the wall. Do this as well for the left and right panel.

That’s it! You now know how to hang a canvas painting!